Yogaia Review: Home Yoga

YogaiaI was once someone who dismissed yoga, considering it not to be proper “exercise” and simply just stretching. However, when I decided to give it a go I started by ordering a power yoga DVD, and this showed me just how amazing yoga is for our bodies and our minds, and that it is most definitely exercise.

I now go to classes but I still use my DVD, and, as someone who started learning yoga from a screen, I was already aware of the benefits when I started my Yogaia trial.

YogaiaThe best thing about Yogaia is that it’s open to all levels. You can search for a class, live or recorded, and refine your search depending on the length, level and intensity of the class. You can choose to have your web camera on so that the teacher can see and correct you, or off if you feel too self-conscious. I felt more comfortable doing the recorded classes without using a camera, but the only downside to this is that you won’t be corrected if you’re doing something wrong. That said, although the live classes are much more helpful in that sense, it isn’t the same as having a teacher in the room to move you physically into certain positions.

Although I would personally always choose to go to a yoga class over following it on a screen, the beauty of Yogaia is that it’s ideal for someone who lacks the time or confidence to go to a class, or if they’re travelling and there are no classes available. I think it’s a fantastic way of making exercise accessible to anyone. As I used it mainly for yoga, I’d recommend this to any yogi, but especially beginners, to help them develop their practice and gain the confidence they would like to practice yoga with. Whether you’re doing a class that’s live or recorded, it has a lovely atmosphere as it really makes you feel like you are in a class, and if you’re in a live class the teachers often interact with you which makes you feel more present; something which a DVD doesn’t offer.

Although I mainly stuck to the varying yoga classes available on Yogaia (for example power yoga, Vinyasa and energising flow) there are also other forms of exercise on offer, including Pilates, HIIT and also exercise for your mind, particularly meditation. There is a vast amount of classes to choose from on a daily basis, so you’ll never be short of something to enjoy.

If you’re unsure about buying a membership right away, or you’d like to give it a go first, then Yogaia have a 7-day free trial for you to get an idea of what it’s like. Thank you to Yogaia and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did if you give it a go!

Lauren x

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