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Balanced Being’ recently experienced an exclusive workshop with the team behind The Yoga Wellness Company. Their approach? A holistic, all-round practice with a scientific angle; perfect for those wanting to bring about changes physically, mental, and emotionally. 

With an array of Yoga styles out there, you are often spoilt for choice in London. However, many self-proclaimed yogis use the practice without thinking about the deeper meaning, and how it can draw upon our emotions. We often forget what yoga can do for us internally, and mentally, and solely focus on the physical aspects.

The Yoga Wellness Company take a much softer approach.


This particular workshop with The Yoga Wellness Company focussed on yoga, and it’s effect on our emotions.

Our emotions can have a profound effect on the physical body. And yet, we may not be present in the room in all our yoga experiences. Both Jennifer Ellis and Kate Lovell, our yogis, leading the workshop explained;

“We may need to go through a slower practice of yoga to open up deep and emotional experiences our mind and bodies may be clinging on to, even as far back as childhood. Simply opening up our minds and body’s during a more holistic yoga practice can offer a richer experience that can lead to greater transformation and change.”

This particular workshop focussed on guided postures that act as triggers for emotional release to enable participants to become more centred, focused and happy.

For me, what the workshop and both Jennifer and Kate explained clearly is how emotions during practice and everyday life come in waves. That we don’t need to cling onto how we feel one moment to the next, and that we all have the ability to step back and look at how we’re feeling without our emotions owning us. Naturally, the stresses and strains of everyday life can make it difficult for us to process some of our experiences with clarity. Therefore, it’s only natural that we may confuse our deep-rooted emotions with moods which can pass from hour to hour and day by day. 

What The Yoga Wellness Company encourage, is yoga practice and meditation over ‘time’ to enable attendees to pause, reflect, gain clarity and to feel ok with the emotions that arise during that journey.

Personally, I was overwhelmed with the warmth and authenticity that Jen and Kate brought to the workshop. Both are at ease with themselves and their skills, and this was certainly not an intimidating experience or overbearing spiritual which can be off-putting to those new to the practice or a workshop of this kind. The team bring a real calmness, humbleness and a sense of safety to the room. I can imagine their international retreats are an equally valuable and enlightening experience.

 Image result for the yoga wellness companyThe Yoga Wellness Company hold various workshops in London.
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Natalie is the founder and editor of Balanced Being. She is also an Ambassador for beat, the UK's leading eating disroder charity. Natalie provides wellbeing content and wellness reviews to the site.

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