The Myth of Time Management

Time Management

¨What if you woke up one morning and you realise that your stress doesn’t come from your lack of time? Would you need to manage your time then?¨

This is the question that I ask clients when they come to me because they tell me that they have no time and that they need to manage it because if they did, they would be less stressed. That would be true if stress comes from a lack of time or our to-do lists but it doesn´t. Stress comes the mood we are in, and our moods are made up of thought.

As my clients discover this, they start to realise that the lack of time isn’t the problem. It’s the stress they feel and their relationship to time that is the challenge for them. When their heads are full of stressful thinking it looks like they have less time than when their head is clear and calm. 

Have you noticed that when you are calm and still that it seems like you have more time than when your head speeds up? How come time can speed up and slow down and yet we still have the same amount of hours in the day? 

On reflection, the only thing that can have time speed up or slow down has to be caused by our state of mind, by our perception and relationship to time. But it’s super easy to look to time and point to the perceptive lack of it and think ¨thats why I feel flustered and stressed!¨ But it’s not the case.

So it would seem that we really cannot manage time and if we are attempting to do so, what we are doing is tackling the symptom and not the cause. 

Now is coming up with strategies useful? Sure they are…but only if they make sense to us. I have come up with the following.

* Blocking out my diary so that I have time for me and my family.

* Prioritising the tasks I want to handle so that I get those done first.

* Create deadlines in my head so that these things get done on time. 

* Outsource takes that I am not very good at or that others can do better than me.

Put systems and processes in place so that I don’t need to do repetitive tasks again and again and again.

But my experience of all of these doesn’t come from the lack of time, they always come from the mood I am in. The less busy you are in your head, the more space you will create inside of it. This is where productivity comes into play. The less you have on your mind, the more productive you are and this can save oodles of time as you are more focused and get more done. In short you, you are more effective. 

So how do you go from being busy to quiet? How do you go from frazzled to freeing up space in your head so that you experience more time? It would seem that the more you align yourself to how life works (that your feelings come from within and not from anything external) the quieter you become, the more space you will have and the more time you will experience. 

Marina Pearson is an Effortless Business and Lifestyle Coach who lives in Spain with her husband and son. She is a best-selling author and an international speaker.

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