10 Ways To Stay Uplifted Around Negative People

Are your family and friends depleting your energy rather than uplifting you? Is your home holding an atmosphere that drags you down rather than lifting you up? If so, you are very likely affected by the moods, thoughts, and attitudes of the people who share your life.   

So how can you avoid this and how can you protect yourself from energy depletion? Here are my 10 tried and tested ways of preserving your precious life force.

1. Seal your energy field

Visualise a large egg in front of you, open its door and step in, close the door behind you. The walls are transparent but very, very thick and the emotional charge and your family’s negative thoughts will bounce off the rubber-like outside walls.

2. Clearing needy hooks

Those who are needy or lacking confidence will naturally be looking for ways to gain more vitality. Energetically they hook into you and suck your energy.  To clear the hooks, sweep your hands over your body and intentionally clear them away. Cut the cords from your end by chopping imaginary links.

 3. Managing controllers and bullies

If a family member, whether a child, parent or partner throws tantrums, sulks, bullies, or deliberately puts you down; you need to take evasive action.  When they use words that are intended to harm your confidence say to yourself “DUCK”! See their thoughts, words, and energy stream flowing over your head.

      4. Check your level of responsibility

Carrying other people’s burdens is a quick route to exhaustion.  If you are picking up or trying to fix your family’s personal problems, they will become burdens that drag you down and give you aches and pains in your shoulders and upper back. Sweep your shoulders every day and take a step back to see if you are taking on responsibilities that are not yours to carry.

5. Angry outbursts

Visualise a garage door that you slam down when you come under any form of strong negative attack. Then step back. Don’t get involved in angry arguments as emotions do not engage the brain and you will be the one to suffer if you try to win the verbal battle. Emotional outbursts are draining so pull down the barrier and step back.

6. Keep your energy vital and strong

Use quality essential oils in your bath, on your pillow or as a fragrance.  Sandalwood and Sage are protective, and lavender will help to keep you calm when others are losing their heads! Wear crystals such as obsidian or tourmaline to create a defensive shield. Fresh air, good food, good uplifting company and exercise will help you to restock your energy reserves.

7. Clear the atmosphere

Spray around all the rooms with a mix of water and essential oils such as peppermint, lemon, and sage.  If the energy is very heavy following an argument, clear by burning frankincense or sage. Waft the smoke into all corners. Fresh flowers, uplifting music, opening the windows and drawing back the curtains to allow fresh air and light into every room, will also help.

8. De-clutter

Old magazines or newspapers sitting in piles are creating stagnant energy. Clutter in the home will lower the vibrations so regularly get rid broken or unused household items.

9. Clear your own energy field

At the end of each day sweep your hands through your energy field and around your body to release any negative vibes that have attached to you during the day. Use lime or lemon shower gel, or Epsom salts in the shower or bath to neutralise negativity. Spray yourself with peppermint or lemongrass essential oils.

10. When you enter your home, spend a few moments radiating out positive vibes.

Visualise streams of smiley faces floating around the office. Face every member of your family, even the teenagers, with a smile and hit them with your own bright and positive vibes – smiles are infectious!

By protecting yourself and your home, you can ensure you feel energised all day long.

Anne Jones.

Anne Jones is an international author and keynote speaker. Her self-help books have been translated into 17 languages, and Anne has helped her audiences and readers to find ways to cope with everyday problems.


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