Shame On Body Shamers

Why is it that people can’t show an ounce of body fat without being lampooned by body shamers? It’s disappointing that there are people who get their kicks out of humiliating other people’s bodies and magnifying their absolute realness.

Amongst followers, there will always be haters. Body shamers will find something to flaw and often have no idea how much damage is done to the targets mental health and self-esteem.

Online abuse has germinated through the use of social media, and this trend is rapidly growing. Body shaming is uncensored, insensitive and has become a regular occurrence on social media and forums for many celebrities and everyday people. What upset me recently, was the vile trolling Harper Seven Beckham received. ‘’She is massive, bigger than her mum!’’ Even worse to see how little people defended this sweet child.

Rihanna also got a storm of ‘fat’ traffic recently but slammed her critics savagely and carried on being gorgeous. Shooting behind keyboard anonymity is cowardly. But this is a by-product of a disorderly mindset that has been around way before the advent of social media.

Harnaam Kaur is infamous for her lady beard has led a body positivity campaign. Harnaam says that there is a lack of diversity in the media and that “the way in which bodies are portrayed are not actually their natural form’’. She is the constant butt of bullying, but strikingly, comes back by celebrating her unique beauty on Instagram. This has galvanised as much love as hate, and I hope the scales tip.

The very same goes for men. Rapper ‘Rizzle’ Jordan Stephens confronts the ‘hypermasculinity or male crisis as he put it. Male suicide is the most significant killer of men in the UK. Jordan Stephens commented on this been because of the inability unable to access their emotions. Men are human, and humans have feelings and are still worthy no matter what.

I distinctively remember some incidents where I have witnessed people body shaming, though I was not a target it was very hurtful to hear. I saw every vestige of beauty drain right out of them as they made nasty remarks about others been ‘fat’ and ‘ugly. On the flip side, this inspired me to address this issue positively and powerfully through my community drama. I called my ‘The Ugly Monologue and started it off about addressing ‘ugly people’, and I could see the audience at unease. As the piece progressed, the ‘ugly people’ were revealed to be those who could not see inner beauty. It was very well received, and I felt that I had indirectly challenged Body shamers.

It still makes me question what’s going on in the psyche of these people. According to psychologist body shame starts with yourself. Those that have low perceptions of their character and body, often project it onto others. Body shaming mentality is riddled with insecurity, self-hate and even narcissism. People who feel good about themselves project confidence and they praise others and lift each other up. It takes real skill to criticise someone on the content of their character but a real coward to take cheap shots on appearance.

We may never eradicate the body shaming mentality, but we can change the way we feel towards them and become more resilient. Here’s how we can start:

  • Don’t take it personally. Please remember that any nasty comment is not a reflection of you. Body shammers have their issues, and some don’t realise they are doing it. But that is not an excuse. Just bear this in mind.
  • Don’t have a slanging match otherwise, you get caught up in a never-ending battle, and things will get ugly. It’s not worth it. Instead, pay a compliment in person or support a campaign. It’s a much more powerful statement that fighting online that can escalate.
  • If you are guilty of Body-Shaming, then take a good look at yourself and identify the reason for your resentment. Dig deep and address the unresolved issues and stop putting yourself down whether that directly or indirectly. Mind is a charity that can help you with a range of mental health issues.
  • If you have faced Body shaming online, then set your social media to privacy settings and that way you filter and protect yourself from abuse.
  • Remember that Looks fade and all you are only left with what’s under your skin. That’s what matters.

Body confidence Mantra

Everybody is worthy, everybody is beautiful. Be you.


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