The Yoga Wellness Company: A Place Of Balance

Balanced Being’ recently experienced an exclusive workshop with the team behind The Yoga Wellness Company. Their approach? A holistic, all-round practice with a scientific angle; perfect for those wanting to bring about changes physically, mental, and emotionally. 

With an array of Yoga styles out there, you are often spoilt for choice in London. However, many self-proclaimed yogis use the practice without thinking about the deeper meaning, and how it can draw upon our emotions. We often forget what yoga can do for us internally, and mentally, and solely focus on the physical aspects.

The Yoga Wellness Company take a much softer approach.

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Kundalini Yoga With HomeYoga

Home YogaIn modern day living, we all need a bit of an escape from our busy lives and daily stresses.  Here in London life can become particularly hectic, which may explain why the boom in people practising yoga on a regular basis doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing down. 

Yet the world of yoga can seem confusing from the outside, with many different types on offer to explore.  So when the opportunity to try out an as yet undiscovered type of yoga came along, Natalie and I jumped at the chance.

Our private yoga class was led by Elena B. Diaz, who runs HomeYoga, which encompasses private classes, corporate classes and even skype classes so that wherever you may be in the world, you can still be guided through the yoga practice.

In HomeYoga, Kundalini is the specific type of yoga taught.  This type yoga is a very powerful, original and complete type of yoga. As Elena explained before beginning our class, it is a discipline for “daily-life”, focused on people who have daily responsibilities and activities both at home and away. 

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