Balanced Being Travel: Paris

The perfect weekend destination and just 2 hours via the Eurostar from London, Paris is a firm favourite for couples, hipsters and those wanting a city break within easy reach.

Like London, Paris is consistently evolving, and my recent trip introduced me to some new hotspots in the capital.

Here are my top travel tips while visiting the city.

Where To Eat 

You are spolit for choice in Paris for food. The city boasts many healthier eateries then my last visit 5 years back. Perfect for balancing out the indulgent meals and croissants.

Leading the way on the ‘indulgent’ eateries currently is Balagan. Paris’s answer to London’s nopi. Located just off Rue Saint-Honoré, its Jerusalem-style clash with Moroccan-Isreli style cooking washed down with vibrant cocktails is a must visit.

For those working on the go, Hardware Société is unashamedibly cool and perfect for brunch. The wild mushrooms, with hazelnut crumb, poached eggs on sourdough and roast cauliflower foam is THE best brunch dish I’ve ever had. 

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5 Unusual Things To Do In New York


Whether you’re new to New York, or a regular, you can’t help but fall in love with the city. Sometimes, however, taking yourself off the beaten track can open your mind self to new and exciting opportunities. On my last trip to the states, I decided to do things a little differently and stay like a local. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve lived in the city, even for just a couple of weeks?

Here are my top 5 unusual ways to enjoy the city.

1. Stay in an art gallery!

Hotels in any big city like NYC are expensive. If you’re staying somewhere for more than a week, it’s nice to feel homely and have more space. Airbnb still one of the most fun and unusual ways to travel and to meet people. I stayed at The Glasshouse, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As an art/life/lab dedicated to generating artistic practices based on performance,

The Glasshouse regularly organises and hosts performances screenings, exhibitions, workshops and a residency program. When staying there, you’ll be surrounded by interactive art and bunch of friendly people.  

Prices per night from $79.

Brooklyn itself has regenerated over the years, with Williamsburg being the hip and happening area, full of entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers. Think Shoreditch and Hoxton, if you’re familiar with East London. 

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