Third Space, Tower Bridge: Review

Third Space Tower Bridge

Last year was all about group fitness: ClassPass landed in London, soon followed by SoMuchMore and pay-as-you-go boutique studios took the place of ubiquitous monthly-membership chain gyms. This year though, is set to see the re-emergence of the club.

The #ClubNotGym ethos makes a lot of sense. In an anonymous city, Londoners are wanting their gyms to offer them familiarity, comfort and a sense of belonging.

Enter The Third Space.




Tower Bridge, the first of the chain’s four clubs to receive the highly awaited refit, is characterised most notably by its location. Falling (#legdayproblems), with post-sauna, flushed cheeks and fresh on that endorphin high, through the club doors and out onto the Southbank into the shadow of Tower Bridge is nothing if not inspiring.

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