Holistic Health Project

The Holistic Health Project: The Week That Will Shape Your Life

The Holistic Health Project

There’s a mentality that women go to ‘find’ themselves later in life during challenging times. What many of us fail to recognise, is that many of life’s pressures impact us, and our future, in our 20’s and 30’s.

With more expectations than ever to be successful, settle down, have a body type that’s ‘in’ that week and have children before we’re even ready, many women are feeling burnout, anxious, stressed, lost, and unwell. Most terrifyingly, many are burying these issues to keep up with our fast-paced world only to find that they will manifest in some way and need working through later in life.

Now, with its seventh retreat under its belt, The Holistic Health Project is on hand to equip and educate those in their mid-twenties and thirties by offering the skills to tackle many of these obstacles early on in life. The ideal programme for women struggling with self-confidence, a lack of direction, fatigue from a demanding job, and for those looking for some time out and perspective.

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