Parma Wrapped Salmon

Parma Wrapped Salmon with Lemon & Dill Butter

Serves 4

(3 parcels are perfectly sufficient per person as a starter)

I have an absolute passion for anything wrapped in parma ham! These little delights are perfect for your summer BBQ or as an hors-d’oeuvre at a dinner party.

Chicken also works brilliantly as an alternative to the Salmon, you’ll just need to bake them for a few more minutes until cooked through.

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Mini Salmon Flés

Mini Salmon Flés

Serves 2 as a light main meal, or 4 if you’re serving one per person as a starter

When I get in the kitchen I love to mess around and experiment with tasty ideas that will keep me interested in eating healthily.

This little dish, although basic is something that would make a great light lunch, or starter to a meal. Although not strictly a soufflé (as you don’t make with beaten egg whites here) they do puff up brilliantly, are filling and don’t have an ounce of wheat flour or cheese in them.

Think of them if you will as fancy mini omelettes if you will!


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