Festive Party Looks

Turn heads this festive season, with these top beauty treatments and products to get you party ready! 


1 month before

Microbladding & Fraxel Laser

Microbladding, is the perfect solution for the time-starved, those over plucked brows and offers a more permanent solution to thin brows or lack of shape. Pre-care and aftercare are essential, as is selecting an expert in this field. 
Fraxel is an advanced laser treatment championed by A-list celebs. With minimal downtime, the treatment is perfect for a refresh and those concerned with scars from child or adult acne. 
Allow at least a month for healing before attending any of those festive parties for both treatments. 

microbladdingFrom £200

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Festive Glow 

Charlotte Tilbury is the master of the celebrity ‘look.’ Her MAGIC CREAM is full of SPF 15, nutrients and has been used on the catwalk to give a glow to tired and dull skin. It’s perfect on its own or under make-up and now a permanent fixture in my makeup selection. 

Magic cream


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What Skin Needs: Natural Skincare

What skin needs

Uneven skin, breakouts, ageing and dry patches can be a real concern for women. I’m also more conscious these days what kind of products I put on my skin and favour organic, non-toxic products. Finding a good product that combines all of these elements is not easy, but I’m delighted to say there are a number of brands paving the way for natural ingredients that do in fact work.

What Skin Needs is part of that movement. Designed to provide effective solutions to sensitive and irritated skin the brand contains no chemicals or artificial fragrances. They have also launched two new innovative products that not only nourish and balance but regenerate the skin naturally.

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