self-esteem in young people

Boosting Self-Esteem In Young People

A selfie of a beautiful girl. Luscious hair, tiny waist and perfect pout. 100th selfie attempt but she finally gets the shot. It’s hashtagged in #love #squadgoals #gains #happydayz, and within 24 hours she received over 300 likes. Everyone seems to like her…except for herself. This is the very image of the unremitting modern crisis of low self-esteem, especially low self-esteem in young people.

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Alternative Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy

Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy

Ways to stay mentally healthyWe all have health. We all have mental health. So, why are we happy to admit we’re going to the gym, but not the therapist?

Health is more than preventing illness. We have health warnings everywhere – ‘do not hold wrong end of chainsaw’, ‘do not clean garment while wearing’ and ‘may contain nuts’..on the side of a packet of cashews.

But, in a world with so many warnings, we often forget advice or the advice we’re given can be boring! 

So, here are my tips for staying mentally healthy.

Find A Hobby
Be inventive. Who knows, you could be the next Rock Paper Scissors champion! You might have a natural knack for nun-chucks, a passion for ping pong or an ear for the electric organ.

But not while driving! Sleep improves memory, sharpen attention and helps your brain work properly.

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