Honeywell London Yoga Retreat

If you need a day away from city life, but don’t fancy a trek down to the county, then you must check out Honeywell Yoga Day Retreats. I recently joined Laura Currie, (Nutritionist) and Charlotte Lewis (Yoga instructor) at one of their day retreats in London that was a well-deserved break away from the norm to reset my body and mind. 

Within stunning surroundings in an East London rooftop apartment, you are greeted with a sit-down breakfast of Chia Porridge and berries, tea and chats with the other attendees.

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What I Learned About Meditation from a Spanish Monk



MeditationQuite a few years ago I decided I wanted to learn to meditate. I had been reading for a long time about the benefits of mindfulness – the application of the skill meditation teaches you – which include such enticing things like living longer, the ability to heal yourself from many physical ailments and actually, changing your brain chemistry. Who doesn’t want these super powers?

So, I bought the most basic book I could find: Meditation for Dummies. And to its credit, it did what it said on the tin. It was a solid introduction, with no particular religious or philosophical bent. I learned a technique. Then dabbled – for years. In fact, having a little bit of a reading addiction, I’ve probably read more about the practice now than I’ve actually meditated. I’ve only ever succeeding in meditating maybe five or 10 minutes a day, and always in fits and starts.

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