Mastermind Supplements: Brain Boosting Review

Mastermind Supplements

Mastermind SupplimentsIn today’s busy world we all strive to preserve our quick thinking and sharp memories, especially when we’re juggling careers and home life. Nourishment for the brain AND body is key, so I was excited to attend a lunch to learn more about the Mastermind supplement, the newest product to enter the Revive Active range. Especially, as I knew there was going to be lots of science involved – one of my favourite subjects at school and university.

When informed Mastermind improves cognitive function, I instantly thought of the film Limitless, and was interested to find out more and whether this was the real deal! I always love a new and exciting product – so I was already sold with giving this a go.

When I arrived, there was a fabulous bonus of Ethos Foods providing the lunch at the event. There were three types of smoothies on offer to try: Detox, Defence, and Energy. All the smoothies had a list of vitamins and minerals in so you could understand why they were good for your body. There was also a delicious lunch that included nutritionally balanced salads and foods bursting with vitamins and health benefits – something I would never say no to.

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