Quince Pies

Quince Pies

Quince Pies

 Christmas would not be the same without mince pies, bursting with rich dried fruits, spices and citrus notes. After a glut of quince one year, I decided to add them to the mix, rather than the usual grated apple, and this was the delicious result, giving the mix a sweet, tart twist. Freshly chopped ginger lifts all the flavours up.

 Henrietta Inman

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Healthy Christmas Nibbles

Sweatpea Pantry

This is the perfect time of the year to get the kids involved with cookery. But, just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean all healthy food needs to be avoided between indulgences.

Step in the Sweetpea Pantry who produce a number of healthy baking mixes (with no refined sugar or nasties) but instead using nutritious ingredients like wholegrains, heart-friendly flaxseeds and chia seeds that help provide lasting energy for the whole family.

I trialled a number of the products recently and the pancakes in the range are delicious, containing tummy friendly buckwheat flour that would be perfect for Christmas morning. I’d be inclined to save these for the adults they’re that good!

Sweetpea Pantry

I also trialled their Playfull Pizza Dough Mix and was delighted at how versatile the dough was. Not only can you produce larger pizzas, but I got a little creative and developed some healthy Christmas nibbles by adding some hard grated goats cheese to half of the dough (cheddar cheese would also work well) to make some cheese bread stars. I also created some mini pizzas topped with tomato puree, some pesto and a sprig of basil after cooking. 

Simply delicious! 


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Healthy baking

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