EPulsive Review: Electrical Muscle Stimulation London

Electrical Muscle Stimulation London

EPulsive logoIf you love sweating it out in group fitness classes and value your workouts for the challenge and mental release too, then you might be better off sticking with your gym membership. But if you drag yourself to the gym purely to reap aesthetic results or if you want all the strength with a lot less of the work than EPulsive could be the solution for you.

During the workout, the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) manipulates muscles through a special vest, that bypasses the nervous system, which usually controls muscle contraction resulting in 98% muscle engagement, this is apparent when your regular air squats and dumbbell-less tricep extensions suddenly become challenging.  

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Third Space, Tower Bridge: Review

Third Space Tower Bridge

Last year was all about group fitness: ClassPass landed in London, soon followed by SoMuchMore and pay-as-you-go boutique studios took the place of ubiquitous monthly-membership chain gyms. This year though, is set to see the re-emergence of the club.

The #ClubNotGym ethos makes a lot of sense. In an anonymous city, Londoners are wanting their gyms to offer them familiarity, comfort and a sense of belonging.

Enter The Third Space.




Tower Bridge, the first of the chain’s four clubs to receive the highly awaited refit, is characterised most notably by its location. Falling (#legdayproblems), with post-sauna, flushed cheeks and fresh on that endorphin high, through the club doors and out onto the Southbank into the shadow of Tower Bridge is nothing if not inspiring.

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