Alternatives to the gym

6 Alternatives To The Gym

The gym can be a stressful situation if you don’t feel comfortable there. So for those looking for some different ways to stay fit, here are our top 6 alternatives that will keep you happy and healthy this year.

The equipment is too complicated – go for swimming

Swimming is a perfect alternative for all gym haters. This activity targets the whole body without putting pressure on your joints. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with all that fancy equipment which is quite often extremely hard to operate correctly. Finally, swimming is exceptionally efficient for burning calories, and the results will be visible quite soon once you start exercising regularly.

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Exercise Motivation: 6 Top Tips

Exercise Motivation

It happens to all of us. I will happily admit that, although 90% of the time I look forward to and enjoy working out, occasionally that last 10% – particularly during winter when the days are darker, longer and colder – I’m struggling to find the motivation to put on my trainers and move my body.

On windy and rainy days, after a long day of work, all I want to do is curl up in my pyjamas with a generous serving of peanut butter, a mug of Chai tea and a good movie. But, I usually manage to convince myself to do it, and I always feel better once I have; then I can curl up with my peanut butter!

So here they are, my top tips for finding the motivation to workout when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

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Inspired ~ A Lorna Jane Event

Lorna Jane

If you haven’t yet heard of Lorna Jane Clarkson, you sure will have soon. Australian born and bred, the active wear designer and all-round female warrior Lorna Jane recently launched her fifth book, titled ‘Inspired’, further cementing her role as a champion for strong, healthy and empowered women worldwide.

While in the UK Lorna Jane is still relatively unheard of alongside the fitness apparel superpowers that are Nike and Adidas and the yoga lovers’ favourites Sweaty Betty and Lulu Lemon, in her native Australia and the USA Lorna Jane has firmly grounded her spot in the market.  Next on the list to conquer is Britain, and with a combination of high quality styles, inspirational messages at the core of the brand, Lorna Jane is sure to succeed.

Lorna Jane UKRecently, I was invited to attend the launch of ‘Inspired’ alongside a selection of fitness and lifestyle bloggers, where we were treated to a morning which encapsulated Lorna Jane’s principles of Move, Nourish & Believe.  First up was move which consisted of a very sweaty high intensity workout at the hands of trainer and LJ ambassador Carly Newson, who made sure we were all put through our paces outdoors in the sunshine.  The nourish box was ticked with a glorious selection of culinary delights thanks to a range of lovely brands along with lunch served by meal prep service Fresh Fitness Food.  Finally, Believe focused on Lorna Jane as a lifestyle, not simply a brand, involving some inspiring tales from the LJ ambassadors themselves.

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