Give Pessimism A Chance. Yes, Really! By Dave Chawner

Give Pessimism A Chance: By Dave Chawner

OK, before I begin, let’s get one thing out the way. This article will annoy some people. That’s OK; it’s only my opinion. But, the fact that I have to apologise for it kinda proves my point.

Generally, if you moan someone’s grumpy people will nod. If you moan, someone’s too positive they’ll roll their eyes. I have to apologise for being wary of positivity. I’ve never heard anyone apologise for criticising pessimism. That’s because optimism is seen as ‘good’ and pessimism is seen as ‘bad’ – which is ridiculous.

Why? Well, here are my top 5 reasons:

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Body Shaming? Fat Chance!


I was recently told something I never thought I’d hear. During counselling for my anorexia, I had to be weighed. I was overweight…talk about irony!

I was shocked, upset and embarrassed. Rather than see it as an achievement, overcoming something that had ruled my life for ten years, I saw it as a failure. But, why?

Tell someone they’ve lost weight you’ll get a hug, tell them they’ve put it on you’ll get a slap. Britain’s dieting industry makes £2 billion every year. There’s a reason why. Weight’s seen a bad thing in society.

There’s so much fat shaming in day-to-day life that you may not even have realised. I didn’t. Here are some examples:

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A Masculine Man-ifesto: #MenInProgress


‘You’re now writing for a health and lifestyle magazine which does spa, fitness, and product reviews!?’ asked one of my mates.

We’d gone to the pub for a catch up after he’d read the last article I wrote on here.

‘Mate, could you be more of a woman?!’

In fairness to him, it wasn’t such a bad question.

It’s increasingly hard to be a man! Years ago your doctor would’ve been a man, your nurse was a woman, soldiers were blokes, hairdressers were ladies/women, priests were male, and page 3 models were…OK, not all things have changed. But, it’s increasingly tricky to define what’s ‘masculine’ anymore.

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