Cauliflower Couscous


Far from being one of those awful paleo substitutions, Cauliflower Couscous actually originates from the kitchen of the great chef Ferran Adria. A useful addition to paleo cookery, it lends its fairly neutral flavour and slightly chewy texture as a decent stand in for grains. Here we mix the cauliflower with almonds, mint and pomegranate seeds to make an excellent accompaniment to our cumin lamb chops but you could leave it plain or add any bits that you wish. It would suit a little chopped crispy bacon really well. 

Rebecca Field

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Calcium Myths & Your Bone Health

Bone Health

Calcium, it’s the go-to word when we think about bone health. Then we think about cheese and milk as the top foods to increase our Calcium intake to help us build strong and healthy bones.

However, I don’t like Milk, and dairy has some controversy surrounding the depletion of calcium from the bones, everything that goes against what we’re taught. So, I looked into what other foods have a high Calcium level apart from Cows Milk. What I found was surprising and good news if you are worried about your future bone health.

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Quinoa peppers

Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers

Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers – Vegan

Serves 4

(1/2 a pepper per person with salad is perfectly substantial for most)

Sometimes it’s nice to have a day or two away from meat and dairy. Therefore, these stuffed peppers will satisfy many with their rich flavour and are great for veggies. In fact, because quinoa is protein packed, you will stay fuller for longer which is often a difficult task with veggie options

I also include chia seeds within the quinoa mixture for additional protein and essential fatty acids.

Top tip: The vegan cheese sauce topping can also be used for Lasagne. Just add a touch more water or some unsweetened almond milk for a looser consistency.


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