Gluten-Free Christmas Cake


Gluten Free Red Velvet CupcakesChristmas can have its challenges if you’re celiac, but there’s no reason to miss out now with a number of incredible products on the market that put rest to the rubbery gluten-free products of year’s gone by. 

Taking us in the right direction is Delicious Alchemy with their range of gluten-free products. For a limited time only and making Christmas just that little bit little sweeter is their gluten-free Christmas Cake that’s dairy and gluten-free.

After being diagnosed as coeliac, the founder Emma Killilea very soon became a little miffed by the lack of natural, tasty and healthy gluten-free food there was on the market. Not one to grumble, she did something about it.

Packing in her job as a computer games producer, she studied food science and marketing at university, and thereafter Delicious Alchemy was born.

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