Beat eating disorders

Bulimia To A Balanced Being: Beat Eating Disorders

I have been incredibly busy over the summer! Although things have been quieter here, I’ve been ploughing away behind the scenes on a number of different projects, some of which I can now discuss. 

It has been almost 4 years since I founded Balanced Being. Beginning as a platform to generate awareness of my health coaching, the site quickly became a platform to discuss and inspire a balanced lifestyle which eventually included a beautiful group of inspirational contributors

Throughout this journey, I have often felt like I wasn’t quite reaching people to the extent I wanted to, and earlier this year I began developing a Balanced Being School’s programme with my wonderful and inspiring writer and mental health campaigner Dave Chawner. But, with red tape in every aspect of that development, I became a little disillusioned with the system.

beat eating disorders

For most of you that know me well, I do not give up when I’m motivated to do something! And so, in June I embarked on training with Beat; The UK’s leading eating disorder charity to become a Beat Media Ambassador and Campaigner. This week, as part of that new journey, I gave my first talk discussing my experience of Bulimia and how I recovered to the head office of the Girl Guiding Charity

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Why Health & Fitness Bloggers Have A Responsibility To Their Young Fans

In the UK, over the last few years, we’ve seen a healthy eating revolution. It’s something I’ve been a small part of since founding Balanced Being in 2014, and I am thrilled that many people are beginning to care about their overall health and wellbeing.

Healthy appetites for quinoa and the gym are, of course, a welcomed lifestyle, but, what comes with trends and sadly our media culture is the inevitable backlash. As more and more bloggers and social stars in health, fitness, fashion and beauty become as famous as reality stars and celebrities, one thing I am very conscious of is the responsibility these influencers have to the impressionable fans and in particular teenagers who follow their every move.

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Dave Chawner: ‘Normally Abnormal’ EDAW 2016

EDAW 2016

As many of my early followers know, I suffered my own eating issues up until 4 years ago and it’s something that has certainly shaped what do now for a living, and my inspiration behind Balanced Being.

Women with eating disorders and mental health issues, I’m pleased to say, is an increasingly open subject in society – more so than it ever used to be. But, what’s prevalent is the increase in men suffering in silence and very few men talking about their experiences; especially in the media.

Step in Dave Chawner, an award-winning stand-up comedian, published writer and mental health campaigner.

Currently on tour with his new comedy stand-up show ‘Normally Abnormal,’ he is very open about his battles with anorexia. And, in great timing, the tour falls in-line with Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) running the 22nd to the 28th February.

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