body shaming

Shame On Body Shamers

Why is it that people can’t show an ounce of body fat without being lampooned by body shamers? It’s disappointing that there are people who get their kicks out of humiliating other people’s bodies and magnifying their absolute realness.

Amongst followers, there will always be haters. Body shamers will find something to flaw and often have no idea how much damage is done to the targets mental health and self-esteem.

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Why Health & Fitness Bloggers Have A Responsibility To Their Young Fans

In the UK, over the last few years, we’ve seen a healthy eating revolution. It’s something I’ve been a small part of since founding Balanced Being in 2014, and I am thrilled that many people are beginning to care about their overall health and wellbeing.

Healthy appetites for quinoa and the gym are, of course, a welcomed lifestyle, but, what comes with trends and sadly our media culture is the inevitable backlash. As more and more bloggers and social stars in health, fitness, fashion and beauty become as famous as reality stars and celebrities, one thing I am very conscious of is the responsibility these influencers have to the impressionable fans and in particular teenagers who follow their every move.

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Body Shaming? Fat Chance!


I was recently told something I never thought I’d hear. During counselling for my anorexia, I had to be weighed. I was overweight…talk about irony!

I was shocked, upset and embarrassed. Rather than see it as an achievement, overcoming something that had ruled my life for ten years, I saw it as a failure. But, why?

Tell someone they’ve lost weight you’ll get a hug, tell them they’ve put it on you’ll get a slap. Britain’s dieting industry makes £2 billion every year. There’s a reason why. Weight’s seen a bad thing in society.

There’s so much fat shaming in day-to-day life that you may not even have realised. I didn’t. Here are some examples:

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