Mealtek Review: Healthy, Made To Measure Meal Delivery

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Every new year brings a flurry of new intentions with it, with healthy cookery books flying off the shelves, quinoa selling out on the supermarket aisles and queues at dawn for a treadmill at every local gym.

Yet inevitably, the icy mornings and dark evenings set in, making all those revived good intentions more difficult by the day. And the first thing to slip? For me, it is always the diet. I love healthy eating, and devouring nourishing baked goods, but after a long day studying and a freezing commute, staying on track food wise becomes a little tricky.

Step in Mealtek. With the goal to prove that being healthy can be easy and complement a busy lifestyle at the same time as tasting good and being enjoyable. Mealtek, deliver meals and snacks to your home or office, tailored to your individual goals and preferences, the food arrives twice weekly brimming with goodness.

I tested out two main meals and two snacks over a couple of days. The first thing that I noticed was the giant size of the portions and the amount of high-quality protein they included. Each meal comes with a full, personalised description (so for those tracking macros or counting calories, this is taken care of).

My favourite meal was a delicious chicken chasseur, which came alongside mange tout, new potatoes and chives. Given that convenience is one of the main selling points of Mealtek, all the meals can be popped in the microwave for 2-4 minutes and then are ready to go.

Snack-wise, the sugar-free protein brownie bites were a winner. Although more like fudge in texture, the chewy pieces satisfied my near-constant craving for something sweet whilst keeping my nutrition on point. Similarly, the protein balls are a well-earned afternoon pick me up or evening treat.

It is difficult to say what effect the food deliveries would have on my day to day life, having only sampled a couple of meals. However, I feel that the pressure of eating healthily being taken off my weekly to do list would certainly mean more time to focus on working out, studying and enjoying life!


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