Mastermind Supplements: Brain Boosting Review

Mastermind Supplements

Mastermind SupplimentsIn today’s busy world we all strive to preserve our quick thinking and sharp memories, especially when we’re juggling careers and home life. Nourishment for the brain AND body is key, so I was excited to attend a lunch to learn more about the Mastermind supplement, the newest product to enter the Revive Active range. Especially, as I knew there was going to be lots of science involved – one of my favourite subjects at school and university.

When informed Mastermind improves cognitive function, I instantly thought of the film Limitless, and was interested to find out more and whether this was the real deal! I always love a new and exciting product – so I was already sold with giving this a go.

When I arrived, there was a fabulous bonus of Ethos Foods providing the lunch at the event. There were three types of smoothies on offer to try: Detox, Defence, and Energy. All the smoothies had a list of vitamins and minerals in so you could understand why they were good for your body. There was also a delicious lunch that included nutritionally balanced salads and foods bursting with vitamins and health benefits – something I would never say no to.

While tucking into our brain-boosting lunch, a presentation was led by one of the scientists who helped developed Mastermind. He explained the process of the research and the science surrounding the product, including the active ingredients that improve mental performance, brain and cognitive function. 

‘The Natural Doctor’, who led the second talk, explained the health benefits from the vitamins and minerals in Mastermind including:

  • Choline is an essential nutrient that helps all cells in your body. It is particularly necessary for cell structure, cell signalling, and cognitive function.
  • DHA makes up about 15% of the fat in the grey matter of our brains. It has been researched to contribute towards brain development, supporting learning and memory functions.
  • Uridine is found in our cell membranes. This constituent is vital, however, can be difficult to find in other foods, making Mastermind unique!
  • Vitamin B5 supports cognitive function and our mental performance – the perfect revision partner!
  • Vitamin B12 helps fight depression, memory loss, and movement difficulty as it insulates the nerve cells and increases the efficiency of messages passing through them. An essential vitamin which is found mainly in red meat, so if you are vegetarian than Mastermind is a good way to get Vitamin B12 in your system.
  • Folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Zinc are also present in Mastermind.

Mastermind suppliments

Mastermind offers an array of benefits for your body in just one drink, and it’s so easy to include in your day. Simply dissolve a sachet in water every morning and that’s it! I’ve been doing this for the last week now and have noticed my energy levels increase, as well as feeling more alert at work. Whether it is improving my brain functions, or whether it is just acting as a placebo, it is adding to my vitamin and mineral intake so I can’t complain.

I love the fact that this product is 100% natural and can contribute to improving your brain function – something all of us can benefit from time to time! The perfect day-to-day product, but also excellent if you’re in education, revising or doing lots of coursework.

*Remember to enjoy this drink as part of a healthy, balanced diet and keep your brain youthful by engaging in regular stimulation such as crosswords, number puzzles, social interaction, or learning something new every day.


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