BOOM Cycle: Gets Full-Bodied In 2016

Boom Cycle Last Sunday I was lucky enough to attend the preview of what BOOM Cycle has to offer in 2016, hosted by the lovely Em and Hannah of Twice The Health.

As soon as I walked in I was surrounded by (mostly) women sporting colourful gym wear and tucking into the protein pots on offer from Fresh Fitness Food.

Once introductions had been made and our shoes were on (I was a shocking size 8!) we jumped on our bikes. With the lights out, the thumping music and the ‘whooping’ filling the air, I can only describe the experience as being like cycling in a nightclub – I loved it.

The encouragement and high-fives from BOOM Cycle’s founder, Hilary Gilbert, served as fantastic motivation, and the concentration needed in order to pedal in time with the rhythm meant that I was never tempted to stop. I could feel the music vibrating in my chest and soon I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing; it felt natural to keep my legs whirring round and mirroring Hilary as she bobbed from side to side.

Sometimes I struggled to keep up with some of the upper body movements but found it got easier throughout the class. The burning sensation in my legs and the sweat running down my face spurred me on – I love to sweat as it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something great.

Boom CycleWe were then introduced to the newest aspect of BOOM Cycle; the use of hand weights to create an all-over body workout. Pick your weight, engage your core and then you’ll be jabbing the air in time to the beat whilst cycling on a higher resistance. I really liked the arm flexing because it gave your legs a well-deserved “break” and allowed you to challenge another part of your body. The hardest part for me was managing not to slide off the bike – luckily there are towels provided when you need to soak up some of the sweat! After some stretches, ears buzzing and heart still thumping in time to the music, we were rewarded with a pot of delicious post-workout ice cream from Oppo – high in protein and naturally- sweetened.

I had a fantastic time; I met some incredibly inspirational and friendly fellow fitness bloggers, enjoyed a wonderful workout, and I hope to return sometime! I’d like to say a big thank you to Hannah and Em, Naomi, Hilary and all the other fitness bloggers for such a great event.

Lauren x


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This January London-based BOOM Cycle is upping the ante by introducing 4 new moves to their already challenging repertoire, designed to challenge the body, engage the mind and exhilarate the rider. 

Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter

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