How Does Nutrition Affect the Skeleton and Muscles?


NutsGreen veg, fruit, nuts and butter you’ve heard they are all good for you, but are they really and what do they do for your skeleton?

Well, a few years ago I would easily eat 4 slices of white toast a day, smothered in an olive based spread because I heard olives were good for you, and cheese because milk is great for you too right? I drank espresso like water (alas I drank none of that…) washed down with brown sugar, because brown sugar and brown bread are good for you…isn’t that all correct?

Well, it turns out there’s not a load of money in health and my health was dwindling, affecting my work and trips to the Dr became more frequent. I was sluggish, short tempered, tired but wired and irritable.

I changed my food choices when a blood test came back as positive that I was indeed going through a very early menopause, nudging the late stages of 30.

When HRT made me very emotional and moody, I came off it and went searching for answers when my Dr told me to take natural HRT alternatives. I read up on it, practiced it and tweaked a few things. I’m still practicing now I’m 50 and I think I’m almost there.

Did you know your body changes all the time? You are never the same person hormonally from one day to the next. Here are a couple of foods you can add into your diet for a stronger spine, which aim to make your spine fluid and flexible, not stiff and starchy.

  1. Calcium. Plentiful in green veg and your gut likes it that way. It’s easily digested and found in green veggies, so a natural food. Milk, however has been pasteurized and the lactose makes it harder for our guts to digest. If you adore milk switch to coconut or almond milk. You can try Natalie’s Home Made Almond Milk recipe or buy it in cartons from the supermarket or health food shops. Aim for an organic brand where you can.
  2. Magnesium. A very important mineral that helps bones stay strong and supple. It is found in Brazil Nuts, fresh green veg and dark chocolate.

Invest in a high % of dark chocolate (75 % or higher cocoa content) or raw cacao hot chocolate powder / chunks melted in warm nut based milks or water before bed. This can help reduce cravings, balance blood sugar, giving you zinc, copper and magnesium as well as other minerals.

Your skeleton is for life. Your responsibility is to treat it with love and care, it’s your best friend!

Melanie Collie

Based in North Wales, Mel’s expertise are in posture and skeletal health. You can read more about Mel’s work and follow her on the links below. ~ ~



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