Third Space, Tower Bridge: Review

Third Space Tower Bridge

Last year was all about group fitness: ClassPass landed in London, soon followed by SoMuchMore and pay-as-you-go boutique studios took the place of ubiquitous monthly-membership chain gyms. This year though, is set to see the re-emergence of the club.

The #ClubNotGym ethos makes a lot of sense. In an anonymous city, Londoners are wanting their gyms to offer them familiarity, comfort and a sense of belonging.

Enter The Third Space.




Tower Bridge, the first of the chain’s four clubs to receive the highly awaited refit, is characterised most notably by its location. Falling (#legdayproblems), with post-sauna, flushed cheeks and fresh on that endorphin high, through the club doors and out onto the Southbank into the shadow of Tower Bridge is nothing if not inspiring.

The setting perfectly embodies the concept of the ‘Third Space’, which can be considered as both the third environment we inhabit outside of friends and family, and work, and the physical facilitator of the mind/body/spirit concept. As a result, The Third Space is a veritable haven in the heart of our wonderful, fretful, persistent city.



Upon entering the club, you’re immediately confronted with headspace – darkened wood and deep colour pallets to illicit calm and light displays which mimic the movement of whoever passed before you. And then there’s the signature floating walkway which puts you high above the heads of the exercisers below, allowing a moment of clarity from the speed of the day before you descend below to get your heart racing.

Group fitness is a big deal at The Third Space and a lot of thought has gone into the portfolio of classes on offer in the spin, mind and body, hot yoga and river view studios on the gym floor’s gymnastics rig and treadmills. Because of this, don’t expect to be able to get your workout in during peak time. If you’re not partaking in a class, you’ll be shunned from the functional, free weights area and left to haul equipment across the gym to your own little corner. And even then you’ll probably be in the way.



Instructors to look out for include: Callum for Speed Fiends, Laurella for Yoga, Tara Xavier for Total Body Cycle. As for personal training, every PT is educated beyond the usual standards with each holding the minimum of a relevant degree. Leo Savage is the star of the show.

Following through on its promise to look after your entire physical wellbeing, The Third Space Tower Bridge offers the facilities to complement your physical exertions and have you heading back to your alternative spaces feeling very well cared for.

After you’ve finished making all your gains, unwound in the steam room, had a little lazy float in the pool, slathered your skin in Cowshed products in the shower and absorbed some culture from the club’s art-adorned walls, you obviously need to exit via the smoothie bar for some post-workout refuelling.

The in-house branch of Natural Fitness Food caters to the nutritional needs of the Tower Bridge gainers with its dedicated menu of fresh and functional meals, snacks and shakes – all delicious and all very reasonably priced too.



Shun anonymity and upgrade your third space: Membership from £100 p/m.


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