Upgrade Your Routine In 4 Simple Steps

Upgrade Your Routine

Reinventing your routineWhen life moves on to a new chapter, the first thing that goes out the window will often be any element of routine. The excitement of change, the socialising with new colleagues and the exhaustion of a new focus and task that lies ahead often mean that a balanced diet and exercise routine are switched out for coffee and canapés.

After studying for 19 years of my life, having chosen a four-year degree before deciding to convert to law, I have finally entered the real world of work. I have an office to be present at every day, extensive training to attend and a minefield of information to digest! One thing I have found key, however, has been to try – even in the smallest ways – to maintain some level of normality and stability in my everyday life.

While I am still in the very early days, here are a couple of tips relating to how to try and adjust which will help in order not to be overwhelmed by change!

Dress ahead

As a girl who is notoriously late for social events, getting to the office in good time has been a shock to the system. However, I have found that one major help has been planning work outfits a day or two ahead. This means every morning I don’t have to spend ten minutes browsing my wardrobe, but throw on the outfit (which is clean and ironed ahead) to head out of the door.

Eat breakfast

It may sound obvious, but I find that failing to have breakfast – and a good one at that – sets the day up to be tiring and slow. I have found that overnight oats are ideal for prepping in the evening which again saves precious time in the morning. And for those days where prep just doesn’t happen, I have made a point of finding food outlets near to the office which serves healthy and filling breakfasts.

Create a capsule of key items

Running around across London means that every day is a whirlwind and trying to look presentable can often be a sizeable challenge! Therefore choosing your critical items that will transform you from out-of-bed to ready-to-go can be a life saver. I have my hairbrush, five save-the-day items of make-up and my bank cards which do not leave my side. Even on the worst day, throwing on some make-up and polishing my hair will brighten my spirits and set me up for a new day.

Finally, don’t forget to breathe!

Pause and reflect on the current moment when you get a chance. It will give you a new burst of energy to go forward.


Ellie is one of our fitness girls and provides content on the health and fitness scene across London and beyond.

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