The Secrets Behind Effortless Productivity

Have you ever wondered why there are days that you get so much done, days that you don’t, and it seems like you are travelling uphill with the breaks on?

If so, here are some friendly insights into what is going on for you. What will always be getting in the way of your productivity is insecure thought. You see, without it, you will know what direction to take and just get on with what you need to do.

Maybe your question is “how do I keep myself productive and in this clear space?” The answer is simply to deepen your understanding of what is creating your lack of clarity and know that at any point you will get it back again as this is how our mind works.

The deeper you see that the principle of thought is what is clouding how we experience our work, the quieter your mind will get and the more clarity you will have.

You see, you have an inbuilt system that does the clearing for you. I am sure that you have experienced this yourself. One moment you are in a confused state and the next moment you feel calm. How does that work?

Well imagine a snow globe, it gets shaken up and then it settles if you don’t do anything with it. This is how our state of mind works.

A story I can share is when I was creating a video product for my potential clients called The Effortless Lifestyle Experience. On the first day, I managed to record 3 videos in 3 hours! I had so much judgment noise going on – I couldn’t focus properly. However, the following day, I managed to record 19 videos in 3 hours!

What changed?

My state of mind.

My head was a lot quieter, and I was able to do my videos in peace and therefore get more done.

So if you are still wondering, what do I need to do? All I can say is

  • Give what you want to do a good go

If this doesn’t work…

  • Take a break and do something else
  • Let the unproductive mood pass.

Moods come and go like clouds and are transitory. So just as you might find yourself in a frustrated mood one moment, you may find yourself in an upbeat mood the next.

The way you feel isn’t coming from what you are doing or how you are doing it, but instead, is colouring what you are doing and the approach you are taking. If we are taking our moods seriously, this will then add fuel to the fire.

Just knowing that your mood will pass and that you can take a rest to come back to what you want to do, can be nothing short of relief.

Marina Pearson

Marina Pearson is an Effortless Business and Lifestyle Coach who lives in Spain with her husband and son. She is a best-selling author and an international speaker.

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  1. There’s definitely some good points in this article. Sometimes I cannot get much done because I am not in a mood but when I am in a mood my energy is flowing much better which results in better work which doesn’t take that long.

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