4 Tips To Help You Love Your Body

Embodiment is the number one strategy to healing body image. To take your body to where you want it to go, you need to ‘get into’ your body. Following on from part one of my piece on healing a negative body image, my advice to acceptance of your body is to finally stop seeing it as an object to manipulate and punish.

To let go of the scale and stop counting calories as these strategies only keep you in your head and step back into your body. Here are a few strategies you can practise to heal your own body image and create embodiment.

With Food: Eat slowly and mindfully. Take 5 deep breaths before you eat so your body can fall into the relaxation response. Experience all the pleasure and nourishment that food brings.

With Movement: Let go of the punishing exercise and move in a way that allows you to reconnect with your body. Dancing, walking, or swimming are great alternatives.

With Breath: Take time to reconnect with your breath. In turn, this will reconnect you with yourself and return you to your body. Meditation is a great exercise to practise or simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can do this anywhere, anytime.

Feel Fully: It is time to stop numbing yourself and running away from your emotions. What you resist persists. Feel your feelings fully. Without judgement. Check in with yourself and ask a few questions:

‘What emotion am I feeling?’

‘Where am I feeling this emotion in my body?’

‘Can I let this emotion be here?’

Know that the emotion will pass. Just breathe, acknowledge its presence and let it go.

Ultimately, all of these strategies allow you to slow down, get back into your body, relax and become present. If you have any strategies that create the same outcome for you, then note them down.  Find the tools that work for your unique self and use them every day to allow your body image to be healed. Every day, you will strengthen the relationship between you and your body and become the self-confident and self-empowered woman that you are destined to be.

In any given moment instead of reacting to life circumstances with punishment, shame, guilt and comparison just turn inward and forgive. Take a breath. Let it go and return to yourself. To create a better body image, you need to look at why you think of yourself and your body the way that you do.

I hope this article was beneficial to you and I was able to communicate just how destructive a negative body image is. I leave you with a quote.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

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