Hester’s Royal Dock Iced Tea Recipe

Hester’s Royal Dock Iced Tea

Hester’s Royal Dock Iced Tea is a sumptuous and rather luxurious cocktail with cleansing properties, guaranteed to warm you up and provide a fresh contrast to rich, Christmas food. Alternatively, serve as a New Year’s Eve tipple! 

Hester’s Royal Dock Iced Tea*Irish Whiskey - 35 ml (we recommend Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey) 
*Creme de Figue - 15ml 
*Cold-brewed Lapsang Tea - 75 ml
*Orange Blossom Water - 1ml 

Recommended glass: glass bottle and tumbler 
Strength: Medium
Flavour: Smokey and sweet 
1. Fill a glass tumbler with rock ice and set aside in the freezer.
2. Brew the Lapsing Tea in iced water, and mix in 1ml of Orange Blossom Water.
3. Add this mixture to a shaker, and mix in the Irish Whiskey and Creme de Figue, and ice.
4. Shake the mixture for 30 seconds.
5. Pour the cocktail through a strainer into the glass bottle.
6. Serve with the glass filled with rock ice and soda water to mix on the side.

              *Remember to drink responsibly folks!
Hidden beneath the cobbled streets of Exmouth Market, Hester’s Hideout is a decadent den rich in history, where those in the know sip extraordinary cocktails, while burlesque dancers, jazz musicians and cabaret performers entertain until the small hours. Hester’s Hideout hosts events every Thursday to Saturday.
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