2 Moves For Core Strength

Following on from my feature Pilates Moves For Your Core, this week I’m looking at how your feet play a big part in core strength.

Traditionally, we do sit-ups for a flatter core. However, over the years, many of us find that these either don’t work or we end up getting a sore neck.

Why is that?

Well, your neck muscles will stabilise your core if it’s not switched on.

That means your brain may not be receiving good messages from your abdominal muscles, and other muscles will take over as the body is a master at compensation. This can lead to tighter neck muscles that can lead to pain.

Activities and motions like sitting, shallow breathing and anxieties can all lead to a dysfunctional core, but deceptively there are simple ways to ‘switch on’ your abs.

Try these 2 moves for core strength:

Foot1. Standing up, Put one foot behind you

2. Tuck the toes under

3. Bend both knees, then stand back up again

4. Repeat three times

Foot exampleThen, with the same foot behind you, roll the foot outwards towards the floor as if you were aiming for the lower part of your ankle bone to touch the floor

1. Bend both knees, then stand up. Repeat three times

2. Change legs

That’s it. Simple, effective and fast.

Your core only works effectively when it has great feedback from your feet. Feedback in the feet that gets affected by the shoes we wear, or lack of movement, compression, and lack of mobility in the ankle.

Practice this before a core workout, or any workout, and see your results change.

Melanie Collie

Based in North Wales, Mel’s expertise are in posture and skeletal health. 
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