POUND and Natures Plus Protein Shakes!

I recently attended an exciting new gym class that is fast spreading across London. Created by two ladies who are drummers and former athletes, Pound is a fast-paced, exciting workout that gets you sweaty, full of energy and feeling fabulous!!

The gym class was at 7.15am – an early start for me as I’m outside of London, so a strong coffee was necessary. The class was held at Gymbox in Holborn. When I walked in, it was full of city workers making an energetic start to the day and doing serious workouts! The main gym room had a great vibe – it was dark, loud music and had pink and yellow luminous lighting on the ceiling. The gym class was in a separate room which had a gorgeous display of Natures Plus Protein Smoothies ready and waiting for us after our workout.

Pound 2

This group class has a number of routines set to different music tracks, concentrating on various muscles for each. We set up our mats, clenched our weighted drumsticks and were ready for a new workout. Most routines involved squats and lunges (causing very achy muscles the next day!), but also involved using your abs, upper back and arms.

Pound is most definitely a full body workout, and as we all know, the best recovery after a workout is protein to fuel our muscles. Natures Plus use all natural ingredients and have two main protein blends – sunflower protein, and pea protein. Both are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars, and vegan-friendly too. The pea protein tastes slightly more vegetable based, which is perfect for adding to green smoothies. We were spoilt with three different blends of protein smoothies to taste which included delicious coconut milk, mango, pineapple, banana, and almond milk. My favourite was the ‘Pina Colada’ which tasted like summer and had all the classic flavours… but all natural and nutritious!

We were given a full sized protein smoothie to take away; that filled me up right until 2pm. I was amazed at how long it kept me full, especially after an hour’s workout and lots of walking around London afterwards! Our goody bags had some fabulous goodies in and the Natures Plus protein bar was really tasty and was covered in dairy free chocolate (always a winner), but what surprised me most was the sugar content. It only contained 2g of sugar, which compared to a lot of protein bars, is very low, so I would recommend it if you’re looking for a low sugar option.

For me, I would recommend Natures Plus as a go-to brand for natural protein shakes. It’s a perfect anyone who has a food intolerance, and because it’s totally natural ingredients, you know you aren’t filling your body with anything unnatural.

Don’t forget to check out the Pound Workout website. It’s so much fun, and I highly recommend finding out about classes near you  the perfect way to let off some steam if you’re having a stressful week!


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