Meet our team of contributors.

Natalie ~ Founder and Editor

Natalie is the editor and founder of Balanced Being. She is also a freelance writer, an Ambassador for beat, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity and provides wellbeing content for Balanced Being across London and beyond.

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Rachel Bednarski ~ Fitness & Wellbeing

Rachel is a health and fitness writer, blogger, former raw vegan chef & Personal Trainer.  Rachel strongly believes being fit, healthy and happy shouldn’t be difficult. It should come as naturally to us as breathing.

Her ethos and Endorphin Project is her way of collecting information, experience & knowledge as a resource for fellow endorphin junkies, sweat-newbies & herself to motivate healthy, happier and more balanced lives.

Dave Chawner ~ Wellbeing & Mindfulness

As seen on BBC, ITV and Channel 4; Dave is an award-winning stand-up comic, published writer and mental health campaigner.

You can read more about Dave on his website.

Ellie ~ Fitness and lifestyle

Ellie is a trainee lawyer and fitness enthusiast and provides lifestyle and fitness content across London. 

Lauren Hunter ~ Fitness & Food

Lauren is a teenager passionate about health, particularly nutrition and fitness. She writes articles on wellbeing, reviews of fitness and foodie events, and provides guest recipes. She also runs a personal blog, The Wholesome Hunter.

Luke Francis ~ Wellbeing & Thought Pieces

Luke is dedicated to the art of enquiry and the promotion of critical thinking. He’s a writer and resides in Sydney Australia with his wife and two children.

Dedicated to the art of enquiry and critical thinking. Luke’s aim is to encourage people to be open to the questions we are afraid to ask ourselves. Questions that may have answers that will force us to re-imagine who we are.

You can read more of Luke’s articles over on his website.

Lydia McCall ~ Eating Psychology Coach & Certified Health Coach

All throughout her teenage years, Lydia struggled with her weight, self-esteem and issues around food. She knew something had to change and through her studies and personal experiences, Lydia was able to heal herself from her emotional eating and reach a more balanced place with her weight and eating habits. Lydia truly believes it is not just what you eat that has an impact on your health but how you eat.

Now, an eating psychology coach she looks at all the factors that would come into play when it comes to whatever eating challenge her clients may face. Lydia works with weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, and chronic dieters who are not getting to where they want to go. She is trained to use tools and techniques that address all of who we are as eaters. Including mind, body, heart and soul.

Head to Lydia’s website for further details.

Ollie Oshodi ~ Wellbeing & Mindfulness 

Ollie Oshodi is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Founder of MISSION. 

Formerly Managing Director of a London creative agency specialising in music and entertainment, and having worked in marketing and advertising for over 12 years, Ollie has personally experienced the negative impact of a busy and stressful life on health and happiness. As a result, she is passionate about supporting busy professionals with one-to-one coaching, workshops, and events, and has worked with the likes of Huffington Post, Work-Well-Being, Havas and Manning Gottlieb OMD to promote balance in all areas including nutrition, career, exercise, and relationships.

Taron ~ Wellbeing & Thought Pieces

Taron is an American writer, who has been living in London for over ten years and is fascinated by people and their stories. Her personal blog, Mind, Body & Scroll, is about the connection between mind and body health, and the way that we manage the ups and downs of everyday life.

Melanie Collie ~ Pilates, Posture and Skeletal Health 

Mel is a qualified posture and skeletal health practitioner, based in North Wales. Mel provides Pilates advice, exercises and nutritional advice for bone health. You can read more about Mel’s work at –