Self-Love: The Greatest Love Of All

Self-love has often been seen as akin to selfishness, vanity and being full of it! This is far from the truth. Self-love centres on self-esteem and loving your inner being. No matter how good your booty looks in them jeans, if you do not love what’s under your skin, then real self-love cannot manifest within us. Self-love is the art of realising what you deserve. You don’t have to sit in front of a mirror thinking you’re above everyone else. There is a distinction between self-love and narcissism. 

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body shaming

Shame On Body Shamers

Why is it that people can’t show an ounce of body fat without being lampooned by body shamers? It’s disappointing that there are people who get their kicks out of humiliating other people’s bodies and magnifying their absolute realness.

Amongst followers, there will always be haters. Body shamers will find something to flaw and often have no idea how much damage is done to the targets mental health and self-esteem.

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