7 Lessons You Can Learn From Relationships

I firmly believe that we meet people in life for a reason and that external relationships are a mirror of the internal relationship we have with ourselves.

In the same way that our thoughts attract our reality in life, the thoughts we have about our self will attract a certain type of partner. It was only when I learnt to truly love, accept myself and realise my worth, that I attracted a man who was worth having a relationship with.

We don’t meet people by chance; every single person we meet will help to teach us the lessons we need to learn to grow and develop in this lifetime. Sometimes we need to experience the bad to realise what good feels like!

We all have lessons that we can learn from love and relationships, whether we are single or in a relationship, what better time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly lessons we can learn from these experiences than on Valentine’s Day?

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self-esteem in young people

Boosting Self-Esteem In Young People

A selfie of a beautiful girl. Luscious hair, tiny waist and perfect pout. 100th selfie attempt but she finally gets the shot. It’s hashtagged in #love #squadgoals #gains #happydayz, and within 24 hours she received over 300 likes. Everyone seems to like her…except for herself. This is the very image of the unremitting modern crisis of low self-esteem, especially low self-esteem in young people.

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Your 2018 Digital Detox Guide

Constant ping alerts you cannot resist checking. Binge watching the box for hours. Getting up in the middle of the night to check work emails. Does this ring a bell for you? How many times have you had a mini heart attack tapping your pocket, and you couldn’t feel your phone? 

On average, a person checks their phone around 200 times per day, and according to a UK poll, ¼ people spend more time online than they do sleeping. These stats may seem staggering, but it’s a fast growing sign of our times and evident that we are so glued technology that it verges addiction.

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