Upgrade Your Routine In 4 Simple Steps

Upgrade Your Routine

Reinventing your routineWhen life moves on to a new chapter, the first thing that goes out the window will often be any element of routine. The excitement of change, the socialising with new colleagues and the exhaustion of a new focus and task that lies ahead often mean that a balanced diet and exercise routine are switched out for coffee and canapés.

After studying for 19 years of my life, having chosen a four-year degree before deciding to convert to law, I have finally entered the real world of work. I have an office to be present at every day, extensive training to attend and a minefield of information to digest! One thing I have found key, however, has been to try – even in the smallest ways – to maintain some level of normality and stability in my everyday life.

While I am still in the very early days, here are a couple of tips relating to how to try and adjust which will help in order not to be overwhelmed by change!

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Intuitive Eating

How Intuitive Eating Saved My Relationship With Food

The Power Of Intuitive Eating

Like most men and women in this day and age, I have spent some time dieting and exercising in that quest to “lose weight”, “get healthy” or “tone up” – I’m sure you can fill in the blank with your own expression. I was pretty lucky, however, that this angst around my body started relatively late in life (my late 20s). Perhaps this is because I grew up around a mother with a very healthy attitude to her weight, so I never saw dieting as normal behaviour.  

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4 Tips To Help You Love Your Body

Embodiment is the number one strategy to healing body image. To take your body to where you want it to go, you need to ‘get into’ your body. Following on from part one of my piece on healing a negative body image, my advice to acceptance of your body is to finally stop seeing it as an object to manipulate and punish.

To let go of the scale and stop counting calories as these strategies only keep you in your head and step back into your body. Here are a few strategies you can practise to heal your own body image and create embodiment.

With Food: Eat slowly and mindfully. Take 5 deep breaths before you eat so your body can fall into the relaxation response. Experience all the pleasure and nourishment that food brings.

With Movement: Let go of the punishing exercise and move in a way that allows you to reconnect with your body. Dancing, walking, or swimming are great alternatives.

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