Festive Party Looks

Turn heads this festive season, with these top beauty treatments and products to get you party ready! 


1 month before

Microbladding & Fraxel Laser

Microbladding, is the perfect solution for the time-starved, those over plucked brows and offers a more permanent solution to thin brows or lack of shape. Pre-care and aftercare are essential, as is selecting an expert in this field. 
Fraxel is an advanced laser treatment championed by A-list celebs. With minimal downtime, the treatment is perfect for a refresh and those concerned with scars from child or adult acne. 
Allow at least a month for healing before attending any of those festive parties for both treatments. 

microbladdingFrom £200

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Festive Glow 

Charlotte Tilbury is the master of the celebrity ‘look.’ Her MAGIC CREAM is full of SPF 15, nutrients and has been used on the catwalk to give a glow to tired and dull skin. It’s perfect on its own or under make-up and now a permanent fixture in my makeup selection. 

Magic cream


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IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal: What’s More Effective?

IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal

Many of us are juggling intense careers and families. This can be overwhelming giving us less time to dedicate to a regular beauty regime.

For me, especially, waxing was becoming my main beauty chore, and I was getting more and more frustrated going through the process of waxing.  With my busy schedule, I wanted to see what options were available for permanent hair loss. However, I’ve never been too sure what’s the most effective treatment IPL or laser.  The high price has always been a factor too, but with the introduction of sites like Wowcher; the market has changed over the years – offering more affordable deals.

And so my 6-month journey into hair free bliss began back in October 2015.

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Organic Beauty Must-Haves

I’m passionate about using as many natural, organic and toxin-free beauty and skincare products as possible. I’m pleased to say, there are now a number of incredible suppliers giving the consumer more natural alternatives. So if you’re looking for some new products for home or that break away, we have it covered.

Here are some of our favorites this summer.

1. AloeDent Whitening Toothpaste (All natural, with no fluoride) £3.99

2. Green People Gentle Cleanser & Make-Up Remover – £18.00 150ML

3. Salt Of The Earth Deodorant Lavender & Vanilla (chemical free) – £6.72 100ML

4. Green People Condition & Shampoo – £14.95 200ML

5. Bio Aloe Vera Face & Body SPF30 Sunscreen (UVA/UVB) – £5.80 120ML

Organic Beauty