7 Lessons You Can Learn From Relationships

I firmly believe that we meet people in life for a reason and that external relationships are a mirror of the internal relationship we have with ourselves.

In the same way that our thoughts attract our reality in life, the thoughts we have about our self will attract a certain type of partner. It was only when I learnt to truly love, accept myself and realise my worth, that I attracted a man who was worth having a relationship with.

We don’t meet people by chance; every single person we meet will help to teach us the lessons we need to learn to grow and develop in this lifetime. Sometimes we need to experience the bad to realise what good feels like!

We all have lessons that we can learn from love and relationships, whether we are single or in a relationship, what better time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly lessons we can learn from these experiences than on Valentine’s Day?

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Difficult People and How To Deal With Them

I have many people in my life that seem difficult to me from time to time. You may have them too? The sort of people that drive you mad or crazy? If you do, you are in good company. It would seem that most of my clients and people I speak to have people in their lives that drive them up the wall. At least that is what I used to think. It was a big revelation to me to realise that there is no such thing as difficult people, only difficult thinking.

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