How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep This Sleeptember

Getting a good night’s sleep can often be more difficult than you think. There are many factors that can affect the amount of shut eye you get, from being too hot and sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress to snoring partners and even noisy neighbours.

This Sleeptember, luxury bed makers, Harrison Spinks, have pulled together a definitive list of hints and tips that will help you switch off and drift into a restful slumber.

Correct support 

One of the main factors that can affect your sleep is the support you get from your mattress. The general rule is that the more springs a mattress has, the better the comfort and support it offers – correct support while sleeping is essential in keeping your spine in perfect alignment.

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Cold and flu prevention

Cold and Flu Prevention: Global Hygiene Council

hygiene council

Family cold and flu prevention

Did you know that children are up to 25% more likely than adults to catch colds and flu? Most of these germs are picked up from school and brought back home where they are spread to the rest of the family. 

Alongside a healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals to keep the immune system fighting fit, the following video created by The Global Hygiene Council offers some additional tips to prevent cold and flu outbreaks this winter.