#SixBalancedWeeks – Fitness & Wellbeing Challenge



FitnessNovember is here, the days are increasingly dark and chilly and all you want to do is snuggle up to a warm fireplace and eat winter pies with mulled wine in hand.  I know the feeling.  Although Christmas is my favourite time of year in some aspects, winter is largely categorised with wardrobe struggles, not enough coats and the dreaded winter flu-like symptoms. Quite frankly, the prospect of squeezing into some lycra and heading to work up a sweat is somewhere near the bottom of my priority pile around about now.

However thinking back to the sunnier days of July, I made a big decision (and a dent in my bank account) and decided to spend my first Christmas away from home, away from England and away from the northern hemisphere when I booked flights to Sydney, Australia. At the time, I was in full outdoors exercise swing, loving spending evenings in the parks and days outside working out, and was fully convinced that I would totally be in the best shape ever before getting in my Christmas day outfit, otherwise known as a bikini.

Yet somehow my love of cookies, partying and lack of desire to freeze on a daily basis have set me way off balance, so it is time to throw myself head first into a challenge to regain balance, prioritise my health, fitness and nutrition again and step on that plane feeling the best version of myself.


Six BALANCED weeks. Focusing on mental wellbeing as well as physical fitness, I will be covering all aspects of the challenge here on the blog and on Instagram @balancedbeingfit

I shall be making the most of the city, collaborating with some of my favourite people along the way and finding out more about some cool brands.  And more than anything, I want YOU to get involved. The challenge isn’t about restriction – it’s about fun, finding your own balance and feeling good in yourself!

So stay tuned, drop me an email and get in touch if you’re up for #sixbalancedweeks at balancedbeingteam@outlook.com




Ellie is one of our fitness girls and provides content on the health and fitness scene across London and beyond.

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