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Melanie CollieI fell into teaching Pilates quite by accident.

I was working in the property letting industry in Cornwall just as the housing market declined rapidly, and was made redundant by the company I was working for.

I had been taking Pilates classes at a local gym for the last two years having become bored of the usual cardio classes. I loved what Pilates could do for the body, so while jobless and pondering on what to do I made some enquiries, and signed up for a course in London.

Not expecting to have much interest in the little village I lived in, I was lucky to discover they had been looking for a Pilates instructor, so I rented the church hall in 2009 starting with just 2 classes on a Monday, building up to 8 classes a week. 

Mel CollieOn my journey, I went through an early menopause. This took me down the nutrition path and I , again, was fortunate to study with the UK’s top education and personal trainer as an Elimination Diet coach. I had tried hormone replacement treatment which made me grumpy and miserable, I wanted to try a more natural approach, and through his other training courses I studied more about the endocrine system, the para and sympathetic nervous system, fascia, Chinese meridians and even more gems on his Kinetic Chain courses. I studied all 4 levels to help my clients achieve health, improve movement and reduced pain – fast and successfully.

Things were going swimmingly, until I suffered a relationship break up which was a blessing in disguise as it led me down a self help path of meditation, and studying Reiki. I also found the time to study in depth life coaching, all helping me through those tough times and now, more importantly, helping my clients deal with any stressful events in their lives. 

My love of anatomy and how it all works in harmony continues with a deeper study of the central nervous system , understanding how our brain, eyes and spine can communicate with each other to affect our movement , balance and pain in my new treatments rooms in Llanberis, North Wales, with a focus more on 1:1 treatments, helping clients out of pain, fast.

Life is a journey, and along the way you meet people who inspire you , long may that continue.

Mel x 

Based in North Wales, Mel will be offering her expertise on posture and skeletal health, will delve into the history of Pilates, and offer her nutritional advice for bone health.  
You can read more about Mel’s work and follow her on the links below.


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