Lifesum ~ The Health & Fitness App

Lifesum ~ The Swedish Health App


Lifesum is the free-to-use Swedish health and fitness app that has already had 9.5 million downloads and is one of Europe’s most popular apps of its kind.

Balanced Being were recently invited along to the Apple Store at Covent Garden to hear the founder Marcus Gners (COO) and wellness expert Luke Sniewski discuss the concept and technology behind Lifesum. 

As with Balanced Beings own philosophy, the team behind Lifesum emphasised how health is different for everyone; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and equally health can be very easy. Lifesum AppleWatch

In a market surrounded by food and exercise tracking apps, Lifesum differentiates itself by using applied psychology and technology to tailor each user’s goals, and focuses on making those small changes that ultimately make a big difference. 

 The message is clear: make health convenient – or throw away your biscuit stash and replace it with more nutritious snacks – and you will be well on your way to success. 

Move every day – whether you are walking, playing at the park or gardening – and you will start to reap the rewards. 

The standout aspect of Lifesum, is the positive attitude.  Often diet and exercise tracking apps can seem like a chore and remind you how off track you are when you veer towards that glass of wine after a hard day in the office, Lifesum looks to reward your efforts and focus on the achievements you make in moving towards your individual goals. android_device[1]

The optimistic approach used by the app encourages you to keep on track, and rather than feeling bad about that chocolate bar, it helps you to get back on the road towards achieving your ultimate goals – whatever they may be.

Lifesum is available to download via Apple App store or Google Play

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