POUND and Natures Plus Protein Shakes!

I recently attended an exciting new gym class that is fast spreading across London. Created by two ladies who are drummers and former athletes, Pound is a fast-paced, exciting workout that gets you sweaty, full of energy and feeling fabulous!!

The gym class was at 7.15am – an early start for me as I’m outside of London, so a strong coffee was necessary. The class was held at Gymbox in Holborn. When I walked in, it was full of city workers making an energetic start to the day and doing serious workouts! The main gym room had a great vibe – it was dark, loud music and had pink and yellow luminous lighting on the ceiling. The gym class was in a separate room which had a gorgeous display of Natures Plus Protein Smoothies ready and waiting for us after our workout.

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Homemade Ferrero Rocher

Homemade Ferrero Rocher

The first of the May Bank Holidays are just around the corner, so I thought I’d share a delicious recipe for those of you having gatherings with friends and family. My absolute favourite chocolate is Ferrero Rochers – so I took upon the challenge of making my very own homemade ones. The advantage? The ingredients including; cacao, maple syrup, coconut flour and nuts are totally natural and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars so that everyone can enjoy these yummy treats!

Health Benefits

* Homemade chocolate takes minutes to make and is so satisfying! The health benefits are also abundant. Cacao butter offers a host of health benefits such as improved skin and hair, anti-ageing and reduces skin inflammation. A 100g also provides 44% of your daily nutrients and 40% of your daily vitamins.

* The cacao powder in the chocolate provides further essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with healthy fats, protein, and fibre.

* Maple syrup is a fabulous natural sweetener – it comes directly from plant sap and has over 54 antioxidants helping prevent and delay diseases

* Coconut flour is a great alternative for gluten free diets. It is rich in dietary fibre, high in beneficial fats, and packed with protein. When using coconut flour, you need to consider the liquid quantity as it absorbs a lot more than other gluten free flours.

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Mastermind Supplements: Brain Boosting Review

Mastermind Supplements

Mastermind SupplimentsIn today’s busy world we all strive to preserve our quick thinking and sharp memories, especially when we’re juggling careers and home life. Nourishment for the brain AND body is key, so I was excited to attend a lunch to learn more about the Mastermind supplement, the newest product to enter the Revive Active range. Especially, as I knew there was going to be lots of science involved – one of my favourite subjects at school and university.

When informed Mastermind improves cognitive function, I instantly thought of the film Limitless, and was interested to find out more and whether this was the real deal! I always love a new and exciting product – so I was already sold with giving this a go.

When I arrived, there was a fabulous bonus of Ethos Foods providing the lunch at the event. There were three types of smoothies on offer to try: Detox, Defence, and Energy. All the smoothies had a list of vitamins and minerals in so you could understand why they were good for your body. There was also a delicious lunch that included nutritionally balanced salads and foods bursting with vitamins and health benefits – something I would never say no to.

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