3 Ways to Manage The Uncertainties Of Life

Oh, this uncertain life……..

I’ve always struggled with control. I think it became my mind’s coping mechanism after going through an emotionally troubled childhood. I used to have this incessant need of having to know every single detail of what’s going to happen in the day so that I get ready for it.

I was terrible at having to be spontaneous at things, I just couldn’t. If something came up that wasn’t planned for or wasn’t on the agenda, anxiety would take over and I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

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5 Tips For Motivation

5 easy ways to fire up your motivation and finish what you set out to do!

Hi, Balanced Being readers!

We’re well into the Autumn season now. Times have shifted, seasons have changed. The days are shorter and with the leaves slowing turning colour, we may experience a slower lull to our days. At the brink of a seasonal change, we may feel the world speeding up around us, transitioning as swiftly as the hotter days are replaced with colder winds. Before we know it, we find ourselves asking, ‘where did the warmer days of summer go?’

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