Upgrade Your Routine In 4 Simple Steps

Upgrade Your Routine

Reinventing your routineWhen life moves on to a new chapter, the first thing that goes out the window will often be any element of routine. The excitement of change, the socialising with new colleagues and the exhaustion of a new focus and task that lies ahead often mean that a balanced diet and exercise routine are switched out for coffee and canapés.

After studying for 19 years of my life, having chosen a four-year degree before deciding to convert to law, I have finally entered the real world of work. I have an office to be present at every day, extensive training to attend and a minefield of information to digest! One thing I have found key, however, has been to try – even in the smallest ways – to maintain some level of normality and stability in my everyday life.

While I am still in the very early days, here are a couple of tips relating to how to try and adjust which will help in order not to be overwhelmed by change!

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Mealtek Review: Healthy, Made To Measure Meal Delivery

Balanced Being Banner

Every new year brings a flurry of new intentions with it, with healthy cookery books flying off the shelves, quinoa selling out on the supermarket aisles and queues at dawn for a treadmill at every local gym.

Yet inevitably, the icy mornings and dark evenings set in, making all those revived good intentions more difficult by the day. And the first thing to slip? For me, it is always the diet. I love healthy eating, and devouring nourishing baked goods, but after a long day studying and a freezing commute, staying on track food wise becomes a little tricky.

Step in Mealtek. With the goal to prove that being healthy can be easy and complement a busy lifestyle at the same time as tasting good and being enjoyable. Mealtek, deliver meals and snacks to your home or office, tailored to your individual goals and preferences, the food arrives twice weekly brimming with goodness.

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Festive Food vs Festive Fitness




Christmas is just around the corner and I feel like it was only yesterday I was packing my bags to move to London. This year has been a total whirlwind so far, and the festive season is kicking off with mulled wine and mince pies in all good coffee shops.

Yet after spending a large part of 2015 focusing on being more active, moving my body each day and improving my fitness all round, I am facing, along with many I imagine, an internal struggle. A struggle between enjoying sky-high piles of yummy plates overflowing with rich Christmassy foods and treats (chocolate log, anyone?) and maintaining the steady progress which I have made over the year.

So, in the spirit of #SixBalancedWeeks – the challenge I set myself to attempt to avoid the dramatic plunge off the balanced track that can occur at this time of year – I am committing to my fitness routine, even as the days seem to have more hours of darkness than light. 

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