The Yoga Wellness Company: A Place Of Balance

Balanced Being’ recently experienced an exclusive workshop with the team behind The Yoga Wellness Company. Their approach? A holistic, all-round practice with a scientific angle; perfect for those wanting to bring about changes physically, mental, and emotionally. 

With an array of Yoga styles out there, you are often spoilt for choice in London. However, many self-proclaimed yogis use the practice without thinking about the deeper meaning, and how it can draw upon our emotions. We often forget what yoga can do for us internally, and mentally, and solely focus on the physical aspects.

The Yoga Wellness Company take a much softer approach.

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7 Lessons You Can Learn From Relationships

I firmly believe that we meet people in life for a reason and that external relationships are a mirror of the internal relationship we have with ourselves.

In the same way that our thoughts attract our reality in life, the thoughts we have about our self will attract a certain type of partner. It was only when I learnt to truly love, accept myself and realise my worth, that I attracted a man who was worth having a relationship with.

We don’t meet people by chance; every single person we meet will help to teach us the lessons we need to learn to grow and develop in this lifetime. Sometimes we need to experience the bad to realise what good feels like!

We all have lessons that we can learn from love and relationships, whether we are single or in a relationship, what better time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly lessons we can learn from these experiences than on Valentine’s Day?

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10 Of The Best Activity Holidays In Europe

From yoga in Crete to a beach bootcamp in Portugal, make your next holiday an active one with Health and Fitness Travel. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or simply have fun learning a new skill, be inspired to make the most of your holiday time and achieve your goals in some of Europe’s best destinations.

Beach Bootcamp in Portugal: Epic Sana Bootcamp

Epic SanaIf you’re looking for a fitness-boosting bootcamp holiday that will get results and still allow for some down time in the sun, escape to the Portuguese Algarve on a beach bootcamp at Epic Sana. Utilising the best of their beach and countryside surroundings; keep active with 5 hours per day of diverse bootcamp training sessions, from cycling to circuits and military workouts.

With excellent fitness coaching, specifically tailored diet plans and indulgent wellness treatments, Epic Sana is the perfect active holiday in the sunshine to take your fitness to the next level.

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time management

The Myth of Time Management

Time Management

¨What if you woke up one morning and you realise that your stress doesn’t come from your lack of time? Would you need to manage your time then?¨

This is the question that I ask clients when they come to me because they tell me that they have no time and that they need to manage it because if they did, they would be less stressed. That would be true if stress comes from a lack of time or our to-do lists but it doesn´t. Stress comes the mood we are in, and our moods are made up of thought.

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