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Balanced Being Featured in Gluten-Free Heaven Magazine

Gluten-Free Heaven MagazineA couple of my Autumn inspired recipes are featured in this month’s Gluten-Free Heaven Magazine, on sale now in the UK. 

This issue has a special focus on Autumn comfort food, with plenty of warming recipes to sooth the soul.

Pick up your copy at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Tesco Extra, Waitrose, M&S, WHSmith, and head to the Pumpkin inspired recipe section on pages 59 and 102.

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Balanced Being: Simple & Delicious Healthy Recipes by [Grover, Natalie]

For more Balanced Being recipes, pick up your copy of the Balanced Being Cookbook available from the Amazon links below.

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Cold and flu prevention

Cold and Flu Prevention: Global Hygiene Council

Family cold and flu prevention

Did you know that children are up to 25% more likely than adults to catch colds and flu? Most of these germs are picked up from school and brought back home where they are spread to the rest of the family. 

Alongside a healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals to keep the immune system fighting fit, the following video created by The Global Hygiene Council offers some additional tips to prevent cold and flu outbreaks this winter.

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Wellacres house retreat

Retreat With Spoon My Curves

September saw the launch of the first Bodylicious Healthy Eating Weekend Retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds. Headed by Naomi Harris, Spoon My Curves is a compilation of everything Naomi has learned on her own health journey.

After overcoming thyroid cancer, which took having her thyroid removed, Naomi went on a mission to overhaul her life in the pursuit of optimal health – starting with nutrition. After wiping all dairy, sugar, gluten and frozen fish fingers from the diets of the entire family, she quickly came to realise that the mental toll of maintaining such a stringent regime was outweighing the benefits of such a clean diet. This was when she came to find the beauty and necessity of the seemingly elusive concept the whole wellness industry is touting right now: balance.

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Stress at work

How To Stop Stress From Overwhelming You At Work

How to stop stress at work

Work-related stress is something that the majority of people will experience at some time or another, and to a certain extent, we expect our jobs to stress us out on the odd occasion. However, our working culture is changing in ways that can make this pressure worse, with longer hours, fewer staff, increased workloads and lower pay becoming the norm. Whether you are on a zero hour contract and worried that you can’t turn down shifts as you may not be offered anymore, burdened with more responsibility than you can cope with, or unofficially expected to be the office for 11 hours a day, your professional life can take its toll on your mental wellbeing.

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Office Yoga

Office Yoga

The Ultimate Guide to Office Yoga 

The human body is built to move; so it’s no wonder sitting all day is bad for you. 

Although back, numbness and joint pain are noted side effects of many people who work in desk jobs, general productivity is reduced when we sit down all day due to the lack of oxygen reaching our brains. This reduces the blood flow to organs entering the blood stream through your lungs. For your brain to remain alert and active, it requires both blood and oxygen. Oxygen can be restricted when we’re hunched over our desks curving our backs all day.

To stay active, here are some tips and yoga moves you can do right at your desk.

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