Why Health & Fitness Bloggers Have A Responsibility To Their Young Fans

In the UK, over the last few years, we’ve seen a healthy eating revolution. It’s something I’ve been a small part of since founding Balanced Being in 2011, and I am thrilled that many people are beginning to care about their overall health and wellbeing.

Healthy appetites for quinoa and the gym are, of course, a welcomed lifestyle, but, what comes with trends and sadly our media culture is the inevitable backlash. As more and more bloggers and social stars in health, fitness, fashion and beauty become as famous as reality stars and celebrities, one thing I am very conscious of is the responsibility these influencers have to the impressionable fans and in particular teenagers who follow their every move.

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Summer beauty

Organic Beauty Must-Haves

I’m passionate about using as many natural, organic and toxin-free beauty and skincare products as possible. I’m pleased to say, there are now a number of incredible suppliers giving the consumer more natural alternatives. So if you’re looking for some new products for home or that break away, we have it covered.

Here are some of our favorites this summer.

1. AloeDent Whitening Toothpaste (All natural, with no fluoride) £3.99

2. Green People Gentle Cleanser & Make-Up Remover – £18.00 150ML

3. Salt Of The Earth Deodorant Lavender & Vanilla (chemical free) – £6.72 100ML

4. Green People Condition & Shampoo – £14.95 200ML

5. Bio Aloe Vera Face & Body SPF30 Sunscreen (UVA/UVB) – £5.80 120ML

Organic Beauty


Yogaia Review: Home Yoga

YogaiaI was once someone who dismissed yoga, considering it not to be proper “exercise” and simply just stretching. However, when I decided to give it a go I started by ordering a power yoga DVD, and this showed me just how amazing yoga is for our bodies and our minds, and that it is most definitely exercise.

I now go to classes but I still use my DVD, and, as someone who started learning yoga from a screen, I was already aware of the benefits when I started my Yogaia trial.

YogaiaThe best thing about Yogaia is that it’s open to all levels. You can search for a class, live or recorded, and refine your search depending on the length, level and intensity of the class. You can choose to have your web camera on so that the teacher can see and correct you, or off if you feel too self-conscious. I felt more comfortable doing the recorded classes without using a camera, but the only downside to this is that you won’t be corrected if you’re doing something wrong. That said, although the live classes are much more helpful in that sense, it isn’t the same as having a teacher in the room to move you physically into certain positions.

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Healthy Yoghurt

Healthy Fruit Yoghurt

Healthy Fruit Yoghurt 

You might think shop bought yoghurt is healthy, but most are packed full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavourings and/or E numbers. They’re not healthy for kids and it’s actually very easy and satisfying making your own. It also tastes much better.


YogurtIngredients & Method
*Simply blend the following ingredients in a blender of bullet. 
*A small tub of full-fat Greek yoghurt (full-fat keeps you fuller for longer) you could also use natural coconut yoghurt
*A good handful of fresh, sweet berries frozen or fresh to taste of your choice
*A small teaspoon of raw honey (only if you need some extra sweetness or your fruit isn't as sweet as you'd like it)

For further healthy recipes head over to Amazon where you can pick up a copy of the Balanced Being Cookbook.

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