Give Pessimism A Chance. Yes, Really! By Dave Chawner

Give Pessimism A Chance: By Dave Chawner

OK, before I begin, let’s get one thing out the way. This article will annoy some people. That’s OK; it’s only my opinion. But, the fact that I have to apologise for it kinda proves my point.

Generally, if you moan someone’s grumpy people will nod. If you moan, someone’s too positive they’ll roll their eyes. I have to apologise for being wary of positivity. I’ve never heard anyone apologise for criticising pessimism. That’s because optimism is seen as ‘good’ and pessimism is seen as ‘bad’ – which is ridiculous.

Why? Well, here are my top 5 reasons:

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Quinoa with tuna

Mediterranean Tuna With Pesto Quinoa

Mediterranean Tuna With Pesto Quinoa

Inspired by my recent trip to Barcelona, this dish is light, tasty and perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Swap the tuna for chicken or large chargrilled prawns if you prefer. 


Ingredients - Serves 2 (double up for 4 people) 
*2 yellowfin tuna steaks 
*80g dry Quinoa, cooked as per the packet instructions
*A handful of black olives sliced in half
*4 large sun-dried tomatoes, diced 
For the pesto (makes enough for other dishes, keep in an airtight container in the fridge and consume with 3 days)
*A big handful of fresh basil leaves
*2 cloves garlic
*85g pine nuts (plus extra for decorating)
*200g extra-virgin olive oil
*Himalayan pink salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste.
*1/2 cup freshly grated parmasan cheese (or a small tsp. of fast acting nutritional yeast)
1. Blitz up all of your pesto ingredients and set aside. 
2. Add a tbsp. of pine nuts (additional to the pine nuts for your pesto) into a dry pan and toast evenly. Set aside for decorating later
3. In a seperate bowl add you cold quinoa, tomatoes and olives. Mix through.
4. Add 2 tbsp. of your pesto in the quinoa and section up onto to each plate. Set aside.
5. Season your tuna and add some olive oil before searing. I like my tuna medium rare, but you can cook a little longer. 
6. Add your tuna to each plate, sprinkle with the toasted pine nuts and add a drizzle of good olive oil to each plate

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Just Sensible Health: An Interview With Uxshely Chotai



Just Sensible Health

Uxshely ChotaiIn a world increasingly dominated by alarming and extreme health, beauty and food trends, many of us are looking for a refreshing and sensible approach to both looking good and feeling great.

Leading the way in this more realistic approach is Just Sensible Health. Founded by Uxshely Chotai, she uses a range of holistic techniques that look at both how her clients think and how they eat which uniquely addresses both the psychology behind eating patterns as well as optimising food choices. Her programme helps to achieve extraordinary results working on both the body and mind, and empowering busy people to make gradual but permanent improvements to their health.

I recently sat down with Uxshely to talk through her experience and how she developed Just Sensible Health.

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Balanced Being Travel: Barcelona

Getting away from familiar surroundings and a busy workload to experience a new city can help give a bit of perspective on life.

Step in Barcelona. The vibrant Spanish city has been on my bucket list for a while and is the perfect balance of culture, beach and history. In just over two hours, you’ll be hot-footing it in the beautiful town that has an array of galleries, beautiful sites and food to behold. 

Here are some of my favourite spots in the city. I’ve even highlighted some healthy food stops if you want to balance out the cava and tapas.

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